Ningbo Age Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd

Agefire Company

Ningbo Agefire Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd, was updated in May of 2018,  ( It’s previous company was Yuyao Juchuang Fire fighting parts factory who was set up in August 2008 ), is loacted in Ningbo City.  We make various of Fire Extinguishers, Extinguisher Valves , Pressure Gauges , Siphon Tube, Discharge Hose, Strap/Belt, Fire Hose, and various of Brass Couplings.            

We have been exporting our products to many countries since September of 2008, and our Annual sales is more than five Million US Dollar.          

We do business sincerely and always to keep on a stable quality for our products, and also, our price is reasonable good. We try to supply good service to our customers.




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